Whose website is this?

Hello, Internet! It's me, your friend, Justin Searls. You might know me for co-founding Test Double or maybe you'll recognize me by this picture of my face from back when Twitter was a thing:

RIP in Peace, Twitter

In any case, this web site is now my preferred place for dishing takes on the Internet.

This site's content is syndicated elsewhere in a few ways:

  • You can subscribe to just about everything I create via RSS
  • The main feed of this site is mirrored on my Mastodon timeline
  • My Shots ar cross-posted to Instagram
  • My Tubes are hosted on my YouTube channel and embedded here, because I'm too lazy to figure out how to host them elsewhere—so please like, subscribe, and mash that 🔔
  • If none of that hits the spot, I put out an e-mail newsletter once a month with the goal of being the least bad e-mail newsletter in the world

Just about the only thing I don't post here is my open source code, which you can find primarily on GitHub, RubyGems, and npm.

I also have a LinkedIn account, but it's probably telling that we're this far down the page and I couldn't tell you what the hell LinkedIn is for other than curating some kind of Pokemon collection of work-adjacent connections.

Just want to send me an e-mail? I'm touched. Please send me your takes to website@searls.co.