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I wasn't content posting all my content to this blog—which you can separately subscribe to via RSS or Mastodon—so I also started a free monthly e-mail newsletter that I call Searls of Wisdom. (A pun that, in hindsight, makes more sense if you already know that my name rhymes with "pearls".)

Each month, you'll pay $0 to get my 2¢ on what last month was all about. You'll also get links to the stuff I've been working on and publishing, whether here or elsewhere. And while I make zero promises to maintain a particular format from month to month, I tend to find myself writing long-form, contemplative essays that I personally guarantee will be thought-provoking ("wow, that was a really bad essay," is indeed a thought, after all).

Since I'm just here to stave off existential dread and make friends, I'll read every reply you send to the newsletter and make every effort to respond. 💞