When words and photos won't cut it, I roll up my sleeves and record video. Because video is hard and bandwidth is expensive, I host my videos on my YouTube channel and will sometimes embed them for your postage-stamp-size viewing pleasure here.

I had a lot of fun creating this video about what I've learned from speaking at conferences (YouTube | blog post).

Whether or not you have aspirations of speaking yourself, I hope you'll enjoy the behind-the-scenes look into my process. 💚

I love writing scripts against the ChatGPT API that are intentionally constrained to particular input and output formats. Here's one I wrote this morning to help me write spreadsheets with a REPL-like interface to continuously improve the output until I'm happy with it.

Shortcuts is an underappreciated way to wire up Apple products with third party APIs without writing custom code. I've found can muck with request headers and satisfy whatever authorization scheme most APIs expect, too.