I publish a monthly e-mail newsletter to share contemporaneous happenings and reflect on enduring truths. It's published over at Buttondown, but I archive the posts here for posterity.

Searls of Wisdom for August 2023

Me and some uncooked shellfish on a cruise ship.

Each month, it's my goal to get these newsletters out on the first of the month, and each month I fail. But in fairness to me, I took two overseas vacations in August and neither time did I bring anything to write with. Add to that, I just got home from Greece with that hip new variant of Covid everyone's talking about. So this month's newsletter is now a third of a month late as a result.

What happens next will shock you…

Searls of Wisdom for July 2023

Whenever you read something I write, please know that I was having exactly this much fun writing it for you: This is what I look like when I write this shit.

Greetings! It was a slow month in the content mines, as I've shifted my focus back to Top Secret work at Test Double, the fruits of which will probably not be apparent for six months or longer. As a result, I can't really answer what July was "all about", because I was squirreled away working on stuff I can't talk about just yet.

You'll never guess what happens next…

Searls of Wisdom for June 2023

We live at Disney World, we're going to end up with a lot of castle shots

This month, I wrote 3500 words for you about my life—a Searls of Wisdom record! But, unfortunately, things got a bit too softwarey for these parts, so we're going to put it on the Test Double Blog instead. (Stay tuned—hopefully we'll have it up in the next week.)

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