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v4 - Facial Computing

Breaking Change

This podcast is a month old and four episodes in and the singular event looming over all of it has finally arrived! The era of facial computing has begun!

Join me for a Vision Pro extravaganza in which I detail all of my first impressions using the device, including dozens of things that seemingly every media and YouTube reviewer missed or excluded. Listen to this podcast and you'll hear tell of bugs you wouldn't believe even if you did see them!

The headline takeaway is: Apple Vision is clearly the future, because it's clearly not yet the present. (And why I'm probably keeping it anyway.)

As always, e-mail me your reviews, reactions, and errata at podcast@searls.co and I'll absorb them into the bubbling stew of opinions I'm forming about this futuristic-and-not-necessarily-in-a-good-way computing platform.

Scant show notes follow:

  • Life updates:
    • What life? There is only Vision Pro!
  • Follow-up:
    • No time. Skipped it!
  • I managed to completely botch the reading of yet another of Aaron's puns
  • News:
    • Apple Vision Pro is here and I talk about it. At length!
  • Recommendations:
    • Flowriter is worth checking out for generating immersive 3D spaces with text prompts alone
  • Mailbag:

See you, spatial cowboy.

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