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v1 - Initial Commit

Breaking Change

I finally gave up and recorded a podcast. And now I'm writing show notes. I tried not to let this happen but here I am typing this and it's happening. Forgive me.

This is a podcast for anybody who shares my interests and likes passing the time with a friendly, opinionated voice in their head. I have done thousands of hours of chores and errands over the years listening to mostly agreeable, sometimes interesting 1.5-3 hour podcasts to keep my mind busy. Now it's time for me to give back, I guess.

Here's the deal: e-mail me at podcast@searls.co and I'll talk about whatever you want me to talk about. Write whatever you want into that e-mail body: ask a question about video games, ask for my take on a new technology, ask for relationship advice, tell me my podcast sucks. You write it, I'll read it.

Okay, here's what I covered in version one of Breaking Change:

Phew. Until next time, I guess.

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