I joined Twitter in 2007 and my brain slowly morphed over the next 15 years from hopelessly verbose to nihilistically pithy. I've kicked the Twitter habit, but the takes keep flowing. That's why I post them here and format them as a social network of one. They're also cross-posted to my Mastodon account. You're welcome to bookmark any of these takes, though I'm not sure why you would.

I've been curious for a while if it might be possible to trick iMessage into formatting a link preview for takes I post to my blog as if they were Mastodon posts.

Turns out, it is possible! Inspect my <head/> to see how 🤯

The iTunes revolution of selling individual songs for 99¢ was something I fought against at the time, because I conceived of my favorite albums as complete, integrated works. I worried decoupling the song from the album would optimize the industry to pump out ever-more-saccharine pop hooks.

It’s interesting now, looking back and seeing the thread connecting the 99¢ song to infinitely-scrolling algorithmic video feeds as the logical endgame. Back then, I could never understand why someone would want to buy a single song ala carte, and today I can't get my head around the appeal of TikTok or Instagram Reels. 🤷‍♂️

The iPad's relative uselessness for getting real work done is probably one reason I get so much value out of it. When I'm on my iPad, there's not much I can do but think through, sketch out, and plan my work—whether that's with the Pencil in Notes or organizing my to-do items in Things.

I rarely do these things as diligently on my Mac, because it's so much easier to stick my head in the digital sand and just bury my head in whatever work is right in front of me.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of iPad, but it is genuinely useful.

I'm staying at a hotel with an (onsen-style) public bath and so I wore the provided yukata and slippers to the bath. But when I got out, someone had taken my slippers.

So then I had to decide if I was going to be the gaijin that steals some other person's slippers or the gaijin that walks through the hotel lobby barefoot like some kind of animal.

No good option.

I had too much to drink last night so I immediately checked my phone upon waking to make sure I stayed out of trouble and realized that all I did was write a (5-star!) review on ProductHunt for buttondown.email

What the hell's wrong with me.

Heading to Japan this morning to undertake my first field report as a Test Double foreign correspondent.

My Uber arrived early, we encountered no traffic, and I breezed through security. Even the Delta lounge was empty. So with my luck, that means my flight is sure to disappear over the Pacific.

Nice knowing you!

Fun fact: this Apple Support document is just flat-out wrong. It says: "you can identify [a fast charging] cable from other chargers by the USB-C connector and the aluminum around the magnetic charger", but the very short 0.3m USB-C cable Apple started selling in 2018 and has since discontinued meets these criteria and, wouldn't you know it—can't fast charge an Apple Watch.

As someone who travels light, I figured I'd bring my 0.3m cable if I could. Because the Internet provided zero help here, I figured I'd feed the web to mention that as of 2023, the only Apple Watch chargers that support fast charging are 1 meter long. Oh well.

My cousin just contacted me for the first time in a decade to ask for advice on planning her first trip to Japan. As if to punish her, I turned around 3000 words in under two hours. That'll teach her!

(Maybe I can salvage a blog post from it, at least…)