Yours truly, recapping WWDC with the Changelog

I was excited to be hosted by the Changelog folks for a recap discussion following Apple's WWDC keynote on Monday. If you listened to my WWDC spoiler cast, you might like this after-action report.

Changelog & Friends 48: Putting the Apple in AI – Listen on Changelog.com

A few errata and missed pitches:

  • I didn't mention this on the podcast, but I was deeply disappointed to see Apple didn't expose any system-level model that can just be invoked as a general purpose LLM API. This would have been a game-changer for small developers who are currently hobbled by figuring out how to roll out meaningful LLM features without risking that the cost of calling through to the OpenAI API will eclipse the revenue generated by app sales and subscriptions
  • When discussing why Apple Intelligence requires an iPhone 15 Pro, I whiffed on the reason (which became clear later that day) that the root cause is memory. Devices with less than 8GB of RAM probably can't run Apple Intelligence without the base operating system falling over
  • I referenced Mac Virtual Display working with the "Wireless NIC turned off". That's not quite right. The network interface needs to be on, but if neither device is connected to a wifi network, screen sharing will work over a peer-to-peer wifi connection

I hope you'll listen! I like Jerod and Adam a lot. The whole Changelog family of podcasts is fantastic. You can tell they're smart because they have yet to invite Breaking Change to join the network.

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