Apollo's creator made a YouTube app for Vision Pro

This'll be an insta-purchase for me before it can get yanked from the App Store:

Juno delivers a fully native visionOS UI that taps into YouTube’s embed API, which is designed to allow videos to be embedded in external webpages. When you want to browse YouTube’s video catalog, Juno pulls up a tweaked version of the YouTube website. Apparently, the app is even clever enough to not show ads for YouTube Premium subscribers, though it remains to be seen how Google feels about a third-party developer being in control of an app for one of its biggest services on a new piece of hardware. Selig notes that he didn’t use any private/internal APIs to develop the app.

I'm not one to kink shame, but it's starting to feel like this guy's fetish is building businesses whose survival depends on the mercy of hostile platform holders.

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