Rockstar once planned a zombie island survival game using GTA: Vice City code, but it was too "depressing"

"The game was to take place on a windswept foggy Scottish island. The player would be under constant attack from zombies. The player would need to use vehicles to get around but vehicles would need fuel. Acquiring the fuel would be a big part of the game."

Z was only in development for "maybe a month or so", however. According to Vermeij, the concept proved to be a bit of a downer. "The idea seemed depressing and quickly ran out of steam. Even the people who originally coined the idea lost faith.

To be fair, gray Scottish landscapes are a bit of a downer even without the zombies.

Programmers like fantasy. Artists like zombies. Not sure why that is.

The over-representation of fantasy and zombie themes in games is such a bummer. My favorite series take place in contemporary settings and eschew the supernatural—it's too bad games like that are so few and far between.

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