Meta is "optimistic" about competition

Real beaut of a lede in the WSJ (News+ link) today:

Meta Platforms is hoping Apple’s launch of the Vision Pro can reinvigorate its $50 billion metaverse effort, which consumers have yet to widely embrace.

Love the optimism here, but I wouldn't be surprised if this ages about as well as the CEO of Palm's, "PC guys are not going to just figure this out," quote prior to the iPhone's launch.

Update: this take by Kristopher Browne on Mastodon raises a great point:

I believe them. Goggles are the last device category where Apple didn’t have designs for others to crib from. It’s a space like “smart phones” were in before the iPhone, when android was going to be a blackberry clone because it’s not like google knew how to design a device or interface.

I almost forgot about this mess. I guess the analogy really holds: just like Google had no clue that touch metaphors like "pinch-to-zoom" were going to be the breakthrough interface paradigm for smartphones, Meta (as indicated in this WSJ article) wasn't seriously chasing down mixed-reality computing of the sort implemented in visionOS until after WWDC.

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